Cooking Your Spanish With Pencil & Fork

Published : 03/04/2018 14:11:42
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It can be challenging and sometimes frustrating to learn a new language. There’s plenty of teaching methods out there, from apps to academies, and most of us are likely to have tried at least two or three of these.

What about combining learning a language with your passion for food?
This is exactly what Pencil & Fork decided to do! The company teaches Spanish in London, while making tapas at the same time.

Read on to find out more about our collaboration with Pencil and Fork and what the company offers.

Teaming Up with Pencil & Fork

Pencil and Fork’s experience shows that use of food as a learning technique is extremely effective.

They offer a variety of language courses!

Want to learn Italian while preparing antipasti, get to grips with French while delighting your palate making amuse bouche, or need to improve your English while cooking British starters? Pencil & Fork have got it all covered!

There are no cooking skills required, and the groups are kept small to provide participants with a hands-on experience.

We had the pleasure to meet David Sanchez, founder and managing director of Pencil & Fork. His values match the ones we have at Eatapas: passion, quality and integrity. Our common willingness to provide our customers with something unique convinced us to team up and join efforts to spread gastronomic culture and culinary knowledge.

With a masters in chemistry from Salamanca University and a certification from Harvard University in science and cooking, David founded Pencil & Fork, formally known as “Cooking your Spanish” in 2012 under the motto: learn, eat, enjoy, socialise.

His 20 years experience in developing and providing training helped him to shape his methodology that combines learning with pleasure and socialisation.

But Pencil & Fork is not only about learning a language while cooking.

Gastronomic Workshops

Have you ever heard of molecular gastronomy? As a chemist and food enthusiast, David has come up with some extremely innovative workshops focusing on molecular gastronomy cooking techniques.

Did you know that your breakfast or a cocktail can be deconstructed? Join their courses to learn how to unleash your creativity and transform any ordinary food into a culinary creation.

Creativity is also behind TapSum, their most recent and intriguing workshop. The fusion of different gastronomic cultures is one of the good side products of globalisation. TapSum gathers together the Spanish tapas ritual with Chinese dim sum tradition. In this workshop David cooperates with Elly, a native of Hong Kong, to drive you through the preparation of Dim Sums with a special twist. The course ends up in a feast consisting of a three-course meal accompanied by a glass of wine and a green tea.


If you want to travel to Spain as a local and mix culture and great food, consider joining their gastrotrips. You will have the chance to visit the most typical Spanish food markets, enjoy lunch and dinner in traditional restaurants, visit both iconic and hidden cultural sites and even participate in private cooking masterclasses. They are planning several gastrotrips this year: Andalucía, Madrid, Basque Country and Galicia.



As Eatapas customers you are entitled to a SPECIAL 10% DISCOUNT on all Pencil & Fork's Activities. Just mention that you are an EATAPAS customer when you book your activities to apply for the discount.

They can help you with birthday celebrations, retirement parties, team building workshops and any other exciting experience based on food, languages and fun.

If you want to meet David and his team and know more about Pencil & Forks join their free monthly meetup that’s held every second Sunday of the month from 6:00pm at “The Brook” in Worcester Park. Don’t forget to bring a tapa to share! Enjoy socialising!

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