Iberico Bellota Ham 100g DOP Guijuelo Maximize
Iberico Bellota Ham 100g DOP Guijuelo
  • Iberico Bellota Ham 100g DOP Guijuelo
  • Iberico Bellota Ham 100g DOP Guijuelo
  • Iberico Bellota Ham 100g DOP Guijuelo

Iberico Bellota Ham PDO Guijuelo - 100g

75% Iberico Bellota Ham PDO Guijuelo - Lisardo Castro - 100g Hand Carved

Lisando Castro's PDO Guijuelo Iberico Bellota Ham is made from free-range Iberian Pigs reared in the "Dehesa". Pigs are exclusively fed on acorns over "the Montanera period" providing hams with their intense and persistent flavour. Hams are cured over a period of at least 36 months, part of which is spent in natural warehouses.

Suggestion: Perfect as a starter when accompanied by Picos, typical Andalusian breadsticks.

Tip: Pull out of the refrigerator and open the pack at least 1 hour before serving.

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75% Iberico Bellota ham PDO Guijuelo - Salamanca - Lisardo Castro

The family company Lisardo Castro, has over 70 years' experience in the Iberian ham production. Tradition and knowledge have been passed down from generation to generation.
The cold and dry winters along with the light and shorts summers at Guijuelo (Salamanca), allow them to achieve an excellent maturing of all their products.

A curation process that is slow and 100% natural alongside tradition and experience from various generations results in a top-quality line of Iberian Ham and cold meat, recognised in and outside Spain.

In order to achieve the best iberico ham they start from high quality raw materials. At Lisardo Castro they work with trusted breeders and they choose the best Iberian pigs, which come from the vast meadows of Extremadura and Andalusia. Pigs are bred free-range, feeding on natural grains and during the fattening period only on acorns, pasture and freshwater. Between the beginnings of Autumn up to March, pigs are fed exclusively on acorns, in order to produce meat with smooth texture and presence of healthy fat.

The diet and lifestyle of the pigs are key aspects in the development of this delicious gastronomic product. At Lisardo Castro they have a production process that respects the environment and the values of sustainable farming.

Ingredients and Nutritional Facts

The Iberico Bellota Ham is rich in protein and minerals beneficial for the nervous system
Highly rich in oleic acid and natural antioxidants, helps to reduce triglycerides and have a high antioxidant activity. It's also low in salt.

Net Weight: 100g

Ingredients: 75% Ibérico Bellota Ham, Salt and preservatives (E250 and E252).

Nutritional Info:

  • Energy: 1516kj/364kcal / 100g
  • Fat: 24.7% / 100g
  • Saturated fats: 12.28g / 100g
  • Protein: 34.9g / 100g
  • Carbohydrate: 0.5g / 100g
  • Sugar: 0.5g / 100g
  • Salt (from sodium): 5.17g / 100g


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