Galician Canned Cockles - Los Peperetes

150g – Artisan Cockles from Galicia - 40/50 pieces can

Los Peperetes canned cockles are produced using a traditional method. Before starting the handling process, cockles are left in buckets of see water where they naturally purge themselves. Then they are steamed, removed from their shells and thoroughly cleaned in semi-salted warm water. The best fruits are manually selected and canned with a liquid made up of water, salt and lemon. The product is sterilised to preserve it.

Suggestion: taste it as a starter with a little bit of Paprika or black pepper on top.

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Los Peperetes de Jesus Lorenzo - Villagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra) Galicia

The common cockle is a bivalve mollusc found buried in mud and sand in estuaries and on beaches.

Before the handling process starts at Los Peperetes, the cockles are submerged in seawater at their arrival at the factory in order to naturally purge. After steaming, the cockles are shelled and very carefully washed in warm, lightly-salted water. The best pieces are then manually selected and classified by their size. Eventually they are put in cans with water, salt and a touch of lemon. The cans are sterilised for a longer shelf life.

Harvesting Season: July-January.

Source: Rias of Arousas and Muros (Galicia)

Capture Method: hand gathering or rakes.

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