Sheep's Milk Cheese with Rosemary from La Mancha - Gómez Moreno

Artisan "Manchego" Cheese coated in Rosemary - Unpasteurised Milk – Cured for over 3 Months – ~ 400g Wedge

This Spanish artisan cheese made from raw ewes' milk is characterised by the scent of wild plants, which the producer's own herd of sheep are fed with.

Although it's not technically correct to call it Manchego because of its rosemary's coating, this cheese is made by the Manchego cheesemaker Gómez Moreno using exactly the same ingredients and techniques.

Aged for at least 3 months, this cheese has an intense flavour with a pleasant rosemary aftertaste.

Suggestion: it can be paired with white wines aged in oak barrique and sherry.

Tip: pull out of the refrigerator at least 1 hour before serving

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Rosemary Mnchego Cheese - Quesos Gomez Moreno - Herencia (Ciudad Real) - Castilla La Mancha

The Gomez Moreno family has been producing Manchego Cheese in Castilla La Mancha region for generations. Their Artisan tradition dates back more than one century.

This Artisan Sheep’s Cheese is aged for a period of 3 months min. and coated in rosemary to give it an aromatic and slightly spicy flavour.

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