Spanish Fuet - Casa Fígols

Fuet - Typical Catalan Cured Sausage – Vacuum packed piece, ~ 200g

This authentic Catalan Fuet is produced from lean meat of pig by a small artisan producer. Once wrapped into natural tripe, it goes through a slow and controlled curing process that gives this product a unique taste.

Suggestion: perfect as a starter with warm bread or on a cutting board along with other Spanish charcuterie.

Tip: pull out of the refrigerator at least 1 hour before serving.

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Artisan Fuet - Casa Fígols - Montmajor (Barcelona) - Catalonia

What is Spanish Fuet?

Fuet is a meat sausage product made with finely minced fat and lean pork meat seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices. It is stuffed into a thin pork casing with a caliber of 34-36 mm. This product is typical of the gastronomy of Catalonia, and is one of the most preferred meat products in the area and nearby Pyrenees. It is similar to the salami-type sausage known as Salchichón, although it is smaller in diameter, and never more than 40 mm.

Casa Figols

Casa Fígols is a family business located in the village of Montmajor (Berguedà). The production methods are modern but the preservation of these exquisite sausages follows traditional procedures, seasoned with just salt and pepper. This brand sells a range of fifty products and the meat comes always from female pigs who live in Berguedà and the surrounding area.

What does Catalan Fuet taste like?

Going through a slow and controlled curing process, this Spanish sausage has a characteristic flavour, a mild, sweet, slightly peppery taste with a smooth texture.

Should you remove the skin of the Fuet before eating?

Whether to remove the skin or not before eating is down to individual customer taste. Some say that the skin contains bacteria due to curing, others state that by removing the skin the Fuet loses some of its peculiar taste, and some others base their decision only in whether the skin is natural or synthetic. However, the true Catalonian tradition prefers to keep the skin, as this is what gives the Fuet its taste, odour identity and allows it to maintain its texture.

Eatapas Suggestion: How to enjoy this artisan sausage

It can be added to a variety of dishes, eaten on warm bread or served on a cutting board on the dinner table. You can also serve it with tomato rubbed bread.

Our Tip: this artisan Spanish sausage is delicious when served in the traditional way: pull out of the refrigerator at least 1 hour before serving, slice it with a sharp knife and eat it.

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Nice addition to the platter.

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I always order this product as I love it. It is delicious!

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Looks good but is a gift

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One of my favourites!!

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