Eatapas Project

Passion for good food, respect for tradition and the excitement of taking on a new challenge are the ingredients of Eatapas.

Eatapas is a family business, just like the producers who we are cooperating with on the basis of the great similarities that bond us.

Our project is founded on the principle of quality products and the desire to promote the Spanish gastronomic excellence.

Over time you will be able to know Eatapas’ founders.

Italo Majone, Soraya Simon and Roger Simon will always be available to anyone who is willing to help our mission and journey with Eatapas in the promotion and enjoyment of high quality Iberian culinary culture.

You can follow and interact with us on social media or simply send an e-mail to

We want

We want high quality Spanish products to be easily available all over the United Kingdom.

We want you to be aware that high quality artisanal products are worth the value they have. At the same time we want you to pay the right price.

We want to create real partnerships with the producers who share our same values of passion, quality and integrity.

We want to tell the stories of the producers, their products, their territory and their traditions. We want you to learn about the products you love.

We want to provide valuable information to our clients and learn from them, since we think that interaction and cooperation are keys to improvement and evolution.

We want to encourage people to socialize through food.

We don’t want

We don’t want to be a retailer of an exclusive and limited set of “luxury” products. We aim to broaden the experience of enjoying quality Iberian products

We don’t want to let our customers down. We do want you to know that each and every customer is important to us and we encourage you to feedback to us to on our service so that we are constantly meeting your expectations.