Tasty Tapas, Pintxo & Montadito Recipes

Published : 06/14/2017 14:20:49
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Ever fancied trying your hand at tapas but not sure where to begin? We understand it can be daunting. Whether you’re looking for some pintxos, montaditos, canapes or just tasty nibbles, we’ve got it covered. We’ve put together some inventive and exciting tapas, pintxo and montadito recipes to get you inspired. These are guaranteed to tantalise the tastebuds of any dinner party guest.


Artichokes, Foie Gras & Quail’s Egg Pintxo

For this you’re going to need some crusty bread, two artichokes preserved in olive oil, some high quality foie gras, a fried quail’s egg and of course a pinch of salt. Simple, delicious and tasty!


Grilled Squid & Caramelised Onion Pintxo

To make this delicious pintxo simply top some toasted bread with caramelised onion, grilled squid and finish with some wild asparagus. Perfect for enjoying with a glass of Fino.


Albacore Tuna Belly & Piquillo Peppers Montadito

Now this is something to get very excited about! Take some toasted bread, add deliciously juicy piquillo peppers, a portion of Albacore tuna belly and then a dash of balsamic vinegar. As soon as you’ve finished one, you’ll be reaching for another.


White Asparagus with Romesco Sauce Montadito

We’d recommend using toasted bread for this tangy montadito. Spread a little romesco sauce and then top with our white asparagus (D.O. Navarra) and a pinch of parsley.


Foie Gras, Mango & Dark Chocolate Canape

If you’re looking for a real taste sensation, you’ve just found it. Top multigrain bread with top quality foie gras, a slice of mango, dark chocolate shavings and red peppercorns. You’re not going to forget this flavour combination anytime soon.


Serrano Ham & Peach Nibbles

We must warn you, these will go very quickly. We recommend stashing a few away for when your guests leave. Cut some fresh peach slices, lay a basil leaf on top and wrap neatly with our delicious serrano ham. These always work best as skewers. Once you’ve tasted this exquisite combination of sweet and salty, there’s really no going back.


Cod Brandade with Piquillo Pepper Jam Montadito

Another dinner party favourite, this montadito will certainly get your guests talking. It’s so simple to make too. Just grab some toasted bread, spread a layer of our delicious cod brandade, top with some piquillo pepper jam and a pinch of parsley. Just don’t eat them all yourself!


Sobrasada with Honey, Pear & Goat Cheese Montadito

Another exceptionally crafted taste sensation. This montadito will really knock your socks off. Layer sobrasada and goat cheese on crispy bread and toast gently. Then, add some diced pear and chives – finish off with a drizzle of honey.


Gazpacho Shots

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as these small shots. Whether you make your own gazpacho or opt for our high quality ready-made options, this is still a seriously popular option for any tapas dinner party. Top up a shot glass with gazpacho, add a cooked prawn, iberico ham shavings and finish with a mint leaf.


Anchovies with Tangerine & Blue Cheese

Salty, tangy and sweet, this is a real marriage of flavours. Cut some generous tangerine slices to use as the base for this tapa. Top with a chunk of blue cheese and then a Cantabrian anchovy (only use top quality anchovies for this). Finish with a squeeze of lime and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil.


Ham Wrapped Pears with Cabrales

This is another simple marriage of flavours that work beautifully well together. Take chunks of ripe pear, layer with powerful cabrales cheese and then wrap with a slice of serrano ham. Skewer the tasty parcel for easy consumption.


Mini Burger with Vegetable Montadito

This is the perfect match of meat and crispy veg – guaranteed to be a talking point. Top a grilled courgette slice with a mini burger and layer with a slice of piquillo pepper. If you want to be really fancy, poke some thyme into the pepper to give your montadito a truly distinctive appearance.


Serranito Pintxo

We’re pulling out all the stops with this one. We’re salivating just thinking about it. Start off with a small piece of fresh bread, add a tomato on top, then a crisp slice of grilled green pepper above. On this, place a juicy cooked pork tenderloin slice and then some Iberico ham. You’re going to need a skewer stick to keep the pintxo in place. Try it in one bite and fall in love, it’s a work of art.


Grilled Scallops with Ham & Wild Asparagus

We’ve saved the best for last with this one. Not only does it look extraordinary but it’s so deeply gratifying, it should be illegal. Again, you’re going to need to present this as a skewer. Start by wrapping your wild asparagus with Iberico ham. Place a tender grilled scallop on the skewer first, follow with two asparagus chunks wrapped in ham and follow with another scallop to finish. This is your show-stopping piece though we wouldn’t blame you if you kept them all to yourself.


Has that got you inspired? We’re certainly feeling hungry after that! Find the best quality, authentic Spanish produce here at Eatapas. Browse our range and get ordering!


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