A Travel-Lover's Guide to the San Fermín Festival 2018

Published : 07/02/2018 12:17:50
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San Fermin Festival

Looking for non-stop dancing and singing in the streets of Pamplona?

Kicking off on the 6th July, the San Fermín fiesta is widely recognised as one of the best fiestas out there.

There’s plenty of partying, an infectious atmosphere, and any regular festival-goer would recommend it.

The fiesta is held in honour of a Catholic saint, Saint Fermín, and although the most famous, the bull running isn’t the only part of the festivities.

Tempted to join the celebrations? Here’s a guide and schedule to the San Fermín festival 2018.

Places to Stay

Prices of hotels do go up during the festival, which is why many choose to simply sleep it off in one of the nearby parks.

But, if you don’t like the sound of that, there’s a wide range of hotels to stay in. You can still find some savings if you know where to look!

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few suggestions:

Zenit Pamplona

If you’re on a budget, the Zenit Pamplona hotel is a good choice as it’s reasonably priced even during the festival.

Located 2.8km away from the bull racing, you might not be in the heart of the celebrations, but you’ll benefit from the peace and quiet when it comes to trying to sleep!


At only 0.8km away from the racing of the bulls, you’ll be conveniently located near the excitement when staying in the Hotel Maisonnave.

Sercotel Leyre

Fancy being even closer?

The Sercotel Leyre is 0.2km away from where the bull racing will take place, meaning you’ll be directly immersed in the celebrations which go on late into the night.

If noise isn’t a concern, this is a great choice!

Sancho Ramirez

Heading further out will result in savings!

The Sancho Ramirez might be 2.1km away from the festivities, but it’s a cheaper option for those who don’t have money to burn.

Restaurants and Food

No Spanish fiesta would be complete without tapas!

During the festival, your tastebuds will be delighted by the selection of cuisine on offer. From mouth-watering jamón to gambas al pil pil, it’d be hard not to be enticed by all the options.

Throughout your time at the fiesta, you’ll never go without something to eat. From street food stalls to second dinners, there’s something to please even the hungriest festival-goers. You’ll even find people sharing food around as part of the celebrations!

Most of the cuisine on offer will be food served on the street, such as enormous paella stands. But, you’ll find many traditional Spanish restaurants throughout the streets.

Not sure where to head? Here are a few options:

The Churrero de Lerín

Love chocolate, churros and beer? Head to the Churrero de Lerín!

Famous for its churros, where it takes its name, the Churrero de Lerín is a popular restaurant that boasts traditional cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere.

Café Peregrino

Need a quick coffee break? Be sure to stop by Café Peregrino.

Schedule for the Day

Of course, each day in Pamplona may differ from another, but here’s a rough schedule of what to expect at the festival.

8:00- Racing of the bulls. Whether you’re taking part or viewing from a balcony, this is still an unmissable event. Although it only lasts about five minutes, it’s what the festival is most famous for.
9:30- Gigantes y cabezudos- translating to ‘giants and big heads’. People wearing large, papier-mâché heads and bodies parade the streets. No matter your age, this is bound to be a source of entertainment.
11:30- The partying begins. In Pamplona, it’s never too early! Children’s activities also available.
12:00- Street music.
17:30- Parade of the knights, band and mulias. From the town hall to the Plaza de Toros.
18:00- Children’s activities in Freedom square.
18:30- Bullfighting. Another popular event, however moral rights may stand in the way of enjoying this particular show.

Throughout the rest of the night, there are many more shows, concerts and parades to enjoy. Be prepared for late nights and plenty of dancing!

At this festival, you can guarantee there’s always something to do!

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