Our Favourite Spanish Food and Wine Pairings

Published : 04/21/2017 20:14:48
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Exploring new cuisines is one of the most exciting activities there is. It can however be a little daunting. How do you know which food complements which wine? Will each item be a perfect match for the next? This type of problem is especially prevalent with tapas. The combination of small snackable dishes can be confusing. Worry not, we understand your anxiety about this. We’ve put together some of our favourite food and wine pairings to help you achieve the ultimate taste sensation. Psst… we won’t judge if you use this guide to show off to your friends about being a Spanish food pro.


Manchego Cheese and Quince Jelly

Manchego cheese and quince jelly is a match made in heaven. The intense lingering flavour of the cheese is perfectly complemented by the sweetness in the jelly. You’ll have to go far to find a combination of flavours as perfectly matched as this.

Galician Canned Cockles & La Vera Pimention D.O.

The gentle heat in this sweet paprika accentuates the flavour of these Galician canned cockles. Perfect on their own as a starter or enjoyed as a tapa, this dish is a delicious collaboration of authentic, high quality ingredients.

Green Olives Stuffed with Anchovy & Boquerones

There’s a long standing history of olive production in Spain and ordering from Eatapas, you’re guaranteed the very best. Versatile and sophisticated, green olives have become a staple of the Spanish diet. Bold, oily and sharp, these olives are perfect to eat on their own but even better when stuffed with salty anchovy paste. Grab a cocktail stick and eat these delicious snacks with our high quality Boquerones. This specific variety of anchovy is fished in the Cantabrian Sea – where all the best anchovies derive from. Marinated in cider vinegar and prepared in extra virgin olive oil, a bar snack like this takes some beating.



Spanish Piquillo Peppers & Cantabrian Anchovies in Evoo

There are few joys in life more enticing than a delicious tapa of crusty bread topped with Piquillo peppers and anchovies from the Biscay Bay. This is one of our all-time favourite pairings and you absolutely must try it at home. The delicate sweet flesh and smooth texture of the peppers perfectly contrast the young anchovy fillets. This particular variety of anchovy from the area of Santoña is renowned as the best in the world.


So now you know how to show off at your next dinner party! If you’re salivating at these delicious foods, head on over to our online store and browse our full range of artisan Spanish products.




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