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Published : 11/03/2014 16:29:10
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We want to tell the stories of the producers we have decided to partner with. We want to talk about their products, their territory and their traditions. We want you to learn about the products you love and the people behind them.


Los Peperetes Conservas Artesanas - Carril (Pontevedra)

Peperete is a Galician word that means succulent stew. It evokes something pleasant, tasty, appetising and flavourful.

That’s why Jesus Lorenzo, the founder of this artisan producer of canned fish, chose the term Peperetes to name his company almost 25 years ago.



His family owned a restaurant that built a reputation for their homemade cuisine. Their sauces were particularly appreciated. Then Jesus Lorenzo decided to pursue his dream of creating an excellent brand of canned seafood.

Nowadays three different generations are involved in running the company.

Their premises are in the small Galician seaside village of Carril, famous for its exquisite clams and located in an area known as the cradle of Spanish seafood.


They are committed to producing the best canned fish from excellent raw material. Their small scale and labour intensive production perfectly match the traditional methods they still use to process their products. Nevertheless they foster innovation in their processes and modernity in their market approach.

The philosophy of this family of artisan entrepreneurs is well summarised in the following two claims:

“We treat canned seafood just as artisanal wines and have a strong commitment with Galician products. We prefer not to pack items whenever their best local produce is not available”.

“Peperete. This is the essence of our products and what you will find in each of our cans."

(All Images courtesy of Peperetes)

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