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Published : 11/17/2014 19:30:04
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We want to tell the stories of the producers we have decided to partner with. We want to talk about their products, their territory and their traditions. We want you to learn about the products you love and the people behind them.

JUAN PEDRO DOMECQ - 5th Generation of Entrepreneurs and Cattle Breeders

Juan Pedro Domecq is a story of success. By being faithful to their artisan traditions, they are currently considered one of the best producers of the unique Jamon Ibérico de Bellota 100% PATA NEGRA.

The Financial Times glorifies Juan Pedro Domecq as the best Jamon Iberico available in London.

Their Jamón Ibérico de Bellota 100% Ibérico PATA NEGRA has been awarded with 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards in 2014 for the third year in a row.

The Great Taste Awards, organised by The Guild of Fine Food, are considered the equivalent to the “Oscars” for speciality fine food & drink.

A panel of over 400 experts/judges, working in small teams, are in charge to carry out the selection process which takes place during 50 judging sessions over a period of more  than three months. About 10.000 products are involved, but just 153 achieved the highest rating of 3 stars in the last 2014 edition. 50 out of these 153 products were selected as the “Top 50 Foods and Drinks”.

Juan Pedro Domecq Jamón Ibérico de Bellota 100% PATA NEGRA has also also been one of the winners of the 2014 “Top 50 Foods and Drinks” and has been awarded as the “Best Imported Speciality” in 2012” and “Best Charcuterie Product of the Year” in 2014.

Juan Pedro Domecq grow unique animals. Other than being 100% Ibérico, which entails that father and mother are both 100% pure Ibérico breed, their pigs belong to the particularly appreciated Lampiño variety. Throgughout their lives the pigs exclusively eat the natural products they can find in Juan Pedro Domecq fields and acorn woods.

Juan Pedro Domecq pigs raise freely in the “Dehesa”, as it’s named the natural ecosystem typical of central Spain and southern Portugal, and benefit from a period of 120 days of acorn feeding (the “Montanera” period), which is twice as long as the minimum requirement of 60 days established by the D.O.

Their annual production is limited to 3,000 pigs and all of their products are made exclusively from their animals in order to guarantee maximum quality and reliability.

The direct supervision of the totally handmade and traditional production process is aimed at ensuring high quality and uniformity.

Hams are cured over an average period of 42 months in Juan Pedro Domecq natural cellars situated in the village of Jabugo.

The Domecq family has a long wine and cattle breeder traditions that dates back to 1730. As soon as they arrived in Spain they became one of the most important Spanish wine producers. Their sherry and brandy have been exported all over the world. Over time they also became famous as breeders of horses and bulls.

It’s in 1978 when Juan Pedro Domecq decided to devote also to the selection and stockbreeding of the 100% Iberico pigs belgonging to the Lampiña family.

“I learnt from my famiy that vineyards need to grow slowly and that good wine is only made in the deliberate quietness of the cellar. The same principle applies to stockbreeding. You need to wait until pigs grow until their right age to obtain hams of superior quality.” (Juan Pedro Domecq Solís – Founder)

(All Images courtesy of Jamones Juan Pedro Domecq)

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