Published : 10/27/2014 18:20:48
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GILDA - Traditional Basque Pincho

One of the most emblematic "pintxos" (skewer) in San Sebastian is named Gilda. The term was first used in 1946 at the Bar “Casa Vallés”.

This really iconic pintxo was to accompany the wine served at the establishment, and was made up of three ingredients: pitted olives or olives stuffed with anchovy, slightly spicy chilli peppers and Cantabrian Anchovies. Someone related it to Rita Hayworth's character in the 1946 Film “Gilda”, because it was salty, green and a little spicy, exactly like her.


   How to prepare this Traditional Basque Pintxo

   INGREDIENTS for 8 Pintxos

   8 anchovy fillets

   16 Ibarra chilli peppers in a vinegar based brine

   16 stuffed olives

   Spanish extra virgin olive oil

   8 cocktail sticks



   - Drain Ibarra chilli peppers and olives.

   - Thread 1 stuffed olive, 2 Ibarra chili peppers, 1 anchovy and eventually another olive onto the sticks 

   - Repeat the process until you use all the cocktail sticks and finally, drizzle with Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

 bon appétit

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