Cheese Montaditos and Pintxos

Published : 04/13/2015 22:43:39
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Cheese Montaditos and Pinchos

You can’t say you have been in Spain if you haven’t bumped into bars full of all sorts of delicious Montaditos and Pinchos. Sticks lined up like soldiers and trays bursting with slices of toasted bread topped with colourful combinations of meat, fish, cheese and vegetables are at the heart of the Spanish gastronomy.

The word Montadito comes from the verb “montar”, which in Spanish means to assemble, to put together. Montaditos are byte-size layers of typical Mediterranean ingredients on top of different types of bread.

On the other side, Basques have given the word Pintxos, Pinchos in Spanish, to Tapas on sticks. Pintxos are authentic haute cuisine in miniature.

In Spain there are over a dozen Pintxos and Montaditos routes, but in our opinion San Sebastian is the cradle of this gastronomic experience and deserves a visit just to make a Pintxos Bar tasting tour. Consider that San Sebastian has the most Michelin stars per square metre in the world.

Here it follows our favourite selection of Cheese base Montaditos and Pintxos from all over Spain.


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