The Best Spanish Restaurants and Tapas Bars in Edinburgh

Published : 06/22/2017 12:12:59
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Edinburgh is a hotbed of great restaurants and bars. If you’re out in the Scottish capital crying out for a bit of tapas, we’ve got just the thing. Here’s our essential guide to the best Spanish restaurants and tapas bars in Edinburgh.

The Best Spanish Restaurants & Tapas Bars in Edinburgh


Taking its name from the famous port city in Southwest Spain, Cadiz is predominantly a Mediterranean seafood restaurant. If you’re looking a taste of the Spanish coast, this is it. Eating here will transport you to a beach in the Med.

Recommended dish: Huevo a la flamenco

Address: 1st Floor, 77b George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3EE

Cadiz - Edinburgh

Café Andaluz

Offering a taste of Andalucia, this is a restaurant worth getting excited about. Set on two floors, Café Andaluz offers intimate spots as well as a bustling Mediterranean vibe. This is a restaurant which clearly takes pride in their food and wine selection.

Recommended dish: Croquettas de jamon y queso

Address: 77b George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3EE

Cafe Andaluz - Edinburgh


El Quijote

If you want a taste of pure and genuine Spanish cooking, this is the place to be. It’s as authentic as it comes. You’re not going to find Michelin Star food here, instead you’ll get restaurant standard home cooking – what more could you ask for?

Recommended dish: Salmorejo

Address: 13a Brougham Street, Tollcross, Edinburgh, EH3 9JS

 El Quijote Edinburgh


Even on the most miserable Scottish days, a secret corner of Spain exists in Edinburgh. Goya23 offers a true and passionate exploration of the flavours of our beautiful country. Exquisite Iberico cured meats, scintillating wines and sherry from the barrel. What more could you ask for? But wait, that’s not all… all food found here can be bought from their gourmet shop to take home with you. Exactly what Spanish food enthusiasts have been crying out for.

Recommended dish: Bonito white tuna cooked in cider

Address: 30 North West Circus Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6TP

Goya23 - Edinburgh



Combining Spanish tapas favourites with South African and even the odd Scottish choice, Indaba is a thoroughly intriguing restaurant. The tapas joint pride themselves on their use of fresh locally sourced ingredients. Well worth a visit!

Recommended dish: Albondigas de la casa

Address: 3 Lochrin Terrace, Tollcross, Edinburgh, EH3 9QJ


Kama Sutra Indo Tapas

This is a seriously unique restaurant. It mainly serves high quality Indian food but also presents some seriously tasty Mediterranean options. An ideal place to eat if you can’t decide what you fancy.

Recommended dish: Gampas Pil Pil

Address: 16 Drummond Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9TX



There’s something exciting about eating at a restaurant that shares a building with the local Flamenco dance school. In fact, the fiery passion found in Flamenco can be seen in the family-run restaurant’s food. The menu is extensive with special attention given to a broad selection of Spanish meats. If you’re a tapas rookie seeking an authentic experience, this could be a great place to start.

Recommended dish: Grilled octopus

Address: 6-8 Howden Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9HL



This bright Spanish restaurant prides itself of the high quality, organic products in its dishes. Whether you’re enjoying a light lunch or romantic evening meal, Malvarosa is sure to deliver.

Recommended dish: Fabada asturiana

Address: 262 Portobello High Street, Edinburgh, EH15 2AT



Rafael’s is a restaurant which radiates the charm of head chef Rafael Torrubia. This spot offers real home comforts and a passion for quality food. This is a truly informal and personal restaurant, you may even find yourself having a natter with Rafael himself. The menu of daily specials is forever changing as per Rafael’s choice. You really have to give this place a try!

Address: 2 Deanhaugh Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, EH4 1LY


Serrano & Manchego

Bright and airy, Serrano & Manchego offers a great atmosphere and top quality food. Tapas is prepared behind the bar and you can find all your favourites from delicious manchego cheese to chorizo in red wine. This bar also presents a great range of wines, sherries and beers too.

Recommended dish: Chorizo in red wine

Address: 297 Leith Walk, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 8SA

 Serrano & Manchego Edinburgh


If you’re a fan of Spanish cuisine (obviously you are), Tapa is guaranteed to be a firm favourite. With chef Paco Martin Romano from Seville at the helm, you’re in good hands. The food is authentic but distinct from the everyday tapas joint.

Recommended dish: Galician octopus in orange and pine nut vinaigrette

Address: 19 Shore Place, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6SW

Tapa Edinburgh


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