11 Interesting Facts About Spain For Your Tapas Dinner Party

Published : 05/12/2017 15:53:44
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So you’re planning to impress your friends with a tapas dinner party. Now you just need some interesting dinner party trivia. Worry not, we’re on hand to help. Cook yourself interesting. Here are some interesting facts about Spain to amuse your dinner party guests.

11 Interesting Facts About Spain


The Land of Rabbits!

When the Carthaginians came to Spain at around 300 BCE, they named it Ispania. The word literally translates to ‘land of the rabbits’. The name eventually transitioned to Hispania and España. We wonder where they got the inspiration from.


The Tooth Fairy or Tooth Mouse?

Spanish culture doesn’t have time for the Tooth Fairy. Instead, Spaniards leave their teeth under a pillow for Ratoncito Perez. This small mouse figure will sneak in and replace the tooth with a small gift.


45% of the World’s Olive Oil

We are so proud of this fact! Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world. In fact, we account for 45% of the world’s olive oil production. Find some of our country’s best olive oil here.


Only 72% of Spain Speaks Spanish

The official language is Spanish/Castilian but is only spoken by around 72% of the population. The rest speak the various dialects: Galician, Catalan, Basque


Spain Has Some Pretty Whacky Festivals

From running away from bulls to throwing tomatoes at each other, Spaniards know how to throw a festival like no other. Some of the most intriguing include the wine throwing fun at Haro Wine Festival, Arizkun festival where party goers run around town leaping over bonfires and of course Las Fallas festival where huge sculptures are built and then burnt down.


The Basílica De La Sagrada Família Has Been Under Construction for Over 130 Years

Yes, you read that right. Barcelona’s stunning cathedral, known as Basílica De La Sagrada Família, has been under construction for over 130 years and is likely to be completed by 2026. Find out about the stunning landmark in more detail here.


Quite Possibly The World’s Coolest Border Crossing!

In Sanlucar de Guadiana (Andalucia) there’s a zip wire crossing that shoots you into neighbouring Portugal at 50mph. Due to the time zone difference, the 60 seconds it takes to travel between the two countries actually takes you back an hour. It only costs £12 per person – bargain!


Too Many Steps

In popular tourist spot Benidorm, there’s a 47 storey high skyscraper with no elevator. Far too many steps for us!


The Original Site of the Eiffel Tower

Here’s a piece of trivia to impress your guests. France’s most iconic landmark, The Eiffel Tower, was originally intended for Barcelona. It was considered ‘too expensive and strange’ and thus was rejected.


A Dirty Floor is the Sign of a Good Bar

It may put you off to walk into a bar and find a dirty bar – don’t be. In Spain, it’s acceptable to throw rubbish on the floor in a bar. A dirty floor is usually a sign of a good bar.


Free Land to Roam

Spain is the least densely populated country in Europe – leaving plenty of space for its beautiful natural landscape to thrive.


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