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Cecinas Nieto – Spanish Producer of Artisan Cecina de Leon

Cecinas Nieto is a family business founded in 1965 by Jose Nieto Blas, the descendent of a family of muleteers from la Maragateria (a district in the eastern part of Leon). It is here that he learnt the traditional processing techniques to produce the dried beef Cecina de Leon. He started this project with the objective of pursuing a high quality product, prepared with care and passion. The combination of natural elements (land, water, wind, fire and time) and know-how contributes to make Nieto Cecina de Leon a distinctive and unique product suitable for the most refined palates.


Cecina de Leon El Abuelo Maragato
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Cecina de León El Abuelo, Aged over 18 months - Cecinas Nieto

Cecina de León Premium El Abuelo – Aged over 18 months – Vacuum Packed Slices – 80g Cecina can be described as cured meat coming from the hind leg of beef and it’s typical from León. Cecina el Abuelo is aged over 18 months and this long...
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