List of products by manufacturer Quesería Vega de Tordín

Cabrales Cheese PDO - 100g

Real Artisan Cabrales Cheese - Spanish Blue Cheese - 100g This authentic Cabrales Cheese by Vega de Tordín is aged for 60 to 180 days.  Its taste is unique as it matures slowly in natural caves located in a stunning natural environment....
£ 4.95

Cabrales Cheese PDO - 300g

Authentic PDO Cabrales Cheese - Spanish Blue Cheese - 300g The Artisan PDO Cabrales by Vega de Tordín is a cheese aged over a 60 to 180 days period in natural caves, where it matures slowly and takes its unique taste. Its texture is firm...
£ 9.95