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Jamones Airesano - Spanish Serrano Ham from Teruel D.O.


Teruel Serrano Ham D.O. 8 Estaciones - Airesano
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Serrano Ham 8 Estaciones Hand...

Serrano Ham Teruel PDO - 80g Hand Carved - Airesano PDO Teruel Ham 8 Estaciones by Airesano is a real artisan Spanish Serrano Ham. Slowly cured in the unique natural environment of Teruel’s mountainous region, this ham has a delicate and...
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Premium Ham Jamón de Autor Oro Blanco
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Serrano Ham Oro Blanco Gran...

Premium Serrano Ham Oro Blanco Hand Carved - 25 Month Curing Period - 100g Oro Blanco Ham Gran Reserva is regarded as one of the best Spanish Serrano Hams. Only the highest quality hams, meticulously selected by experienced ham masters,...
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