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Casa Figols - Producer of Artisan Catalan Charcuterie

Casa Figols is a traditional company specialised in the production of cured meat and located in a small village in the province of Barcelona. In 1959 Joan Figols, grandfather of the current owner, and his wife Queralt Planas set up a grocery store in their village to provide the local community with foodstuff, including products from their own pig-slaughter. At that time their village and the surrounding houses were quite isolated and lacked first need goods. The store turned out to be the perfect showcase for Casa Figols products and in a relatively short period of time they became famous in the neighbouring areas. It was when the grandson of the founder joined the company that the business started to grow faster and Figols brand gained visibility in Catalonia. The development of the company has not affected the quality and natural characteristics of their products. On the contrary they have focused even more their attention on quality to satisfy the most demanding customers. They are still committed to using raw materials coming from their surroundings.


Spanish Fuet - Casa Fígols

Fuet - Typical Catalan Cured Sausage – Vacuum packed piece, ~ 200g This authentic Catalan Fuet is produced from lean meat of pig by a small artisan producer. Once wrapped into natural tripe, it goes through a slow and controlled curing...
£ 4.95

Spanish Llonganissa - Casa Fígols

Llonganissa - Typical Catalan Dry-Cured Sausage - Vacuum packed piece, ~ 300g This artisan Llonganissa is produced from lean meat of pig and wrapped with natural tripe. It goes through a slow and controlled curing process that gives this...
£ 7.95

Spanish Secallona - Casa Fígols

Secallona - Typical Tender Cured Catalan Sausage – Vacuum packed piece, ~ 230g This authentic Secallona is produced from lean pork meat wrapped into natural tripe. It goes through a slow and controlled curing process that gives this...
£ 5.25