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Artisan producer of Spanish Cow Cheese: San Simón da Costa and Tetilla


San Simon da Costa Bufon Cheese PDO - Prestes

San Simon da Costa PDO Cheese - Cured for 45 Days – ~ 600g San Simon da Costa P.D.O. Cheese is typical from the region of Galicia. It is made from pasteurised cow’s milk and smoked over birch wood chips. Its paste is semi-hard and its...
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Tetilla Cheese PDO - Prestes
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Tetilla Cheese PDO - Prestes

Tetilla Cheese PDO - ~ 750g Tetilla Cheese is the most iconic cheese from the Galicia region of Spain, located in the northeastern corner of the peninsula. It is made from cow’s milk and it is named after its shape, as Tetilla is the...
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