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Antonio Mata - Spanish Serrano Ham from Teruel D.O.

Antonio Mata started its business in 1942 when they set up a pig farm in Rubielos de Mora (Teruel). Over time they built their own slaughterhouse and processing plant. Not so many years after its foundation, they opened their first deli shop to directly sell their products to final customers. Currently the company run eight fine food stores and deli shops in Spain. They were among the first to understand the importance of promoting their products outside their national boundaries and have become one of the most active ambassadors of Jamon de Teruel in the world. Their mission is to spread the knowledge of this product worldwide. Their last challenge has been the opening of a deli shop in Hong Kong that has been extremely successful so far. Antonio Mata's Jamon de Teruel is produced under the strict rules of the Jamon de Teruel Protected Designation of Origin, the oldest cured ham PDO in Spain. The production process is entirely carried out at their facilities in Rubielos de Mora (Teruel). From the breeding and rearing of piglets to the curing phase, that takes place in a natural environment located at 900 meters above sea level, all the process is made in house.


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