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Pago los Vivales - Spanish Zamorano Cheese -  Sheep Cheese from Zamora. Made with unpasteurised milk. Pago los Vivales was awarded several medals in the last 4 editions of the World Cheese Awards

The Los Vivales estate is a 120,000 square metre farm situated in the village of Coreses (Zamora) in the north east of the Castilla y Leon Spanish region. The owning company, Baltasar Moralejo e Hijos, S.L., has been active in the meat industry for the past 50 years. They have recently decided to apply their experience to the dairy industry, producing and marketing high quality cheese. Their advanced breeding, feeding and milking techniques make them compliant with the most rigorous health, hygiene and environmental requirements and allow them to use raw sheep milk to produce their cheese. Over the last 4 years Pago Los Vivales won numerous awards at the World Cheese Awards.


Zamorano Sheep Cheese Black Label - Pago Los...
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Zamorano Sheep Cheese Black Label - Pago Los Vivales

Artisan Zamorano Cheese – Made From Raw  Ewes' Milk - Aged 8 Months - ~ 270g Cheese with a firm consistency. Made from 100% unpasteurised ewes' milk. Although it is 8 months mature, it melts in the mouth. Its flavour is elegant and...
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Zamorano Sheep Cheese Green Label - Pago Los...
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Zamorano Sheep Cheese Green Label - Pago Los Vivales

Zamorano Cheese made from Ewe's Raw Milk – Matured for 2-4 Months - ~ 270g Cheese made from 100% unpasteurised ewe's milk. It has a mild buttery taste and a lingering aftertaste on the palate. Both shape and flavour are extremely similar...
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