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Zubelzu Piparrak - Ibarra Chili Peppers from the Basque Region

Zubelzu Piparrak is a family business founded in 1994. Their Ibarra Chilli pepper is native to the Basque Country. It has a thin skin, a rather soft flesh, a typical green colour and a mild taste, just a bit spicy. Most of the production process is handmade. Chilli peppers are manually harvested and selected before putting them in the jar. The Guindilla de Ibarra is recognized with the Basque Food quality stamp, Eusko Label Kalitatea . It is consumed as a pickle and it is also used to make the cocktail sticks known as banderillas typically in combination with olives and anchovies.


Ibarra Chili Peppers - Zubelzu Piparrak

Real Artisan Ibarra Chilli Peppers – Eusko Label Quality Certification - 212ml Ibarra Pepper is native to the Basque Region. At Zubelzu they still produce it the old-fashioned way using methods respectful of the environment. They pick...
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