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Molineta de Minaya - Authentic Spanish Saffron from la Mancha

At Minaya, a small village located in the heart of La Mancha, saffron is produced from time immemorial. Until recently most of its inhabitants took an active part in growing and preparing saffron. They planted the seeds in spring and observed the change in their landscape from September to November as the saffron flowers bloomed. Both adults and children took part in saffron harvesting to ensure that all the flowers were picked at the right moment. The saffron flower is very delicate and has to be picked at the early hours of dawn. Later the three red stigmas are extracted from the flower and roasted at different temperatures. Nearly two hundred thousand flowers are needed to produce one kilogram of saffron, thus it is not surprising that on some occasions saffron reached the same price as gold. It is said that saffron is grown in La Mancha since the 18th century. This land has been endowed with very special conditions which local growers harness to produce one of the best saffron in the world. Molineta de Minaya is the only custodian of the experience and the knowledge accumulated over time in this area in growing this valuable product.


Saffron - Molineta de Minaya
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Spanish Saffron - Molineta de Minaya

1g – Saffron from La Mancha D.O. This artisan saffron is 100% natural. It is produced in Minaya, a small village in the heart of La Mancha. Its climate and soil are particularly favourable to grow saffron flowers. It is characterised by...
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