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Mas d'en Nogues - Catalan artisan producer of chocolate and caramelised coated nuts

Mas d'en Nogues is a family business with more than 15 years of experience in the production and processing of nuts. They grow nuts applying traditional methods, deep-rooted in their territory and handed down from one generation to another since a long ago. Their principles are high quality, service and good presentation of their products. They have been committed to organic products free of chemical residuals since 2012. They produce a broad range of sweet delicacies: toasted, caramelized and candied nuts, nougat, chocolate-coated nuts, quince jelly, and many more.


Salty Macadamia Nuts - Mas d'en Nogués
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Salty Macadamia Nuts - Mas d'en...

100g – Macadamia Nuts in a Jar Artisan macadamia nuts produced by a small Catalan company using the best nuts of their own plantations. Their taste is delicate and buttery with a slightly salted touch.
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