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Chorizo Iberico Bellota, 375g - Coto de Galán
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Chorizo Iberico Bellota, 375g - Coto de Galán

Artisan Iberico Bellota Chorizo - Stuffed into Natural Casing – Vacuum Packed ~ 375g Piece Artisan Chorizo made from acorn-fed Iberico breed pigs. Produced from lean meat and seasoned with the best Spanish paprika and other spices. The...
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Spanish Organic Chorizo
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Organic Chorizo Riojano - Luis Gil

Organic Chorizo from La Rioja – Vacuum packed Piece - ~ 280g Artisan Chorizo made from Organic Pork Meat (ham, belly and shoulder). Its taste is balanced, intense and persistent with elegant smoky hints. It melts in your mouth in spite...
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Iberico Bellota Chorizo Juan Pedro Domecq
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Authentic Iberico Bellota Chorizo - Juan Pedro Domecq

100% Iberico Bellota Chorizo – ~ 400g - Cured for 4 months – Vacuum Packed Piece Juan Pedro Domecq Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota is produced from the best quality lean meat of acorn-fed 100% Iberian pigs. The secret of its intense flavour...
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Chorizo de Bellota Ibérico - 100g Sliced...
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Chorizo Ibérico Bellota - 100g Sliced - Blázquez

Ibérico Bellota Chorizo 100g sliced - Jamones Blázquez This chorizo is made with the best quality meat of purebred Black Iberian Pigs fed on acorns. Blázquez’s Chorizos hang in their own cool and ventilated dryers for at least 6 months...
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Spicy Artisan Organic Chorizo Riojano - Luis Gil
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Organic Spicy Chorizo Riojano - Luis Gil

Organic Chorizo from La Rioja – Slightly Spicy - Piece vacuum packed, ~ 280g Artisan Spicy Chorizo made from lean meat of organic-pasture raised pigs. Its taste is balanced, intense and persistent. Its texture is firm and pleasant. It...
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Cured Chorizo - Cal Tomas
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Chorizo León Style - Cal Tomás

Chorizo León Style – Cured and Smoked - Cal Tomás - ~ 500g vacuum packed Chorizos from León are particularly famous for their typical oak-smoked natural flavour. The Catalan artisan producer Cal Tomás sticks to the León recipe to produce...
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Bespoke Hampers - Gift Box

Gift Box* for Bespoke Hampers - Holds up to 8 products Creating your own Hamper and Assembling a unique Present has never been easier:Add this Gift Box to your Shopping Cart.Choose the products you want to include in your Gift Box...
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Bespoke Hampers - Square Natural Gift Box
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Bespoke Hampers - Square Gift Box

Square Gift Box* for Bespoke Hampers - Holds up to 6/7 products Assemble your own Hamper has never been easier. You can handpick from our broad range of Spanish artisan products. Follow these steps:Add this Gift Box to your Cart....
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Wicker Hamper
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Bespoke Hampers - Wicker Basket 16-Inch

Create your own Hamper: 16-inch Wicker Basket Suitable for 8 Products Wicker Basket ONLY SOLD in combination with our products. Creating your own Spanish Fine Food & Wine Hamper and assembling a unique present is really simple:Add...
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You can’t beat the taste of artisan chorizo!

Traditionally made from pork meat, chorizo is a hugely popular product in Spain. It’s a staple food found in many Spanish homes and traditional restaurants.

Authentic Spanish chorizo makes a delicious tapa, but can also be used to flavour and add richness to soups or stews.

Read on to find out more about our chorizo and browse our range.

Buy Spanish Chorizo

At Eatapas, we stock many types of chorizo that all have a unique flavour. So, if you’re looking to buy chorizo in the UK, you’re in the right place.

Our 100% iberico bellota chorizo is vacuum-packed to preserve its taste, and pairs perfectly with scrambled eggs. The secret to its delicious flavour? The paprika!

Organic chorizo is one of the most popular Spanish products. So, we offer a melt-in-the-mouth organic chorizo from La Rioja and spicy organic chorizo also. Both taste delicious when used to flavour stews.

Seasoned with paprika and other spices, our artisan iberico bellota chorizo is perfect as a starter when thickly sliced and eaten on its own.

After being seasoned with salt, garlic and oregano, Hacienda Zorita’s 100% iberico bellota chorizo is cured for three months. For the perfect combination, try pairing this chorizo meat with a fruity glass of red wine.

Our sliced iberico bellota chorizo is made using only the best quality meat, which results in a juicy texture.

Finally, our smoked and cured León-style chorizo is the star of a charcuterie board, or the perfect accompaniment to some Spanish cheese.

What is Chorizo Made Of?

So, what are the ingredients in chorizo?

The following are what gives the meat its flavour, along with passion for flavour and attention to the art. Here’s what’s in chorizo:

  • Minced pork
  • Pork fat
  • Garlic
  • Salt 

While the meat itself is essential for flavour, so are the Spanish chorizo spices! They create a range of tantalising tastes, from smoky to sweet. They’re also responsible for the kick the sausage is famous for!

The list chorizo spice ingredients includes:

  • Spanish paprika
  • Red pepper paste
  • Cumin
  • Onion powder
  • Oregano
  • Thyme

Hopefully this provides an answer to the question ‘what is chorizo made from’! If you wanted, you could easily make your own homemade chorizo seasoning!

How to Make Chorizo

So, how is chorizo made?

This spicy Spanish sausage is a true work of art! The process of its production has been crafted and perfected over many years. Time to take a closer look at how chorizo is made:

First, the pig is slaughtered. This used to be a ritual for many Spanish families. After that, the meat is smoked, salted and air-dried for many months.

There you have it! That’s how to make chorizo sausage.

Of course, that’s a much simpler version of the process. It leaves out the passion and love that goes into the process!

What Part of the Pig is Chorizo Made From?

This famous sausage comes from the loin of the pig!

The loin runs along the back of the pig, from the shoulder to the rump.

Is Chorizo Cooked?

When bought, the meat itself isn’t cooked, rather, it is cured. Therefore, many people find themselves asking ‘does chorizo need to be cooked?’

The answer to that is that it can be! But, dry-cured chorizo can also be eaten straight away, if you fancy it!

Chorizo Sausage Recipes

Wondering what to cook with chorizo? We’re here to help. We have plenty of ideas for simple chorizo recipes that will bring out the delicious and authentic tastes:

Best Chorizo Recipes

Cooking with chorizo needn’t be hard! It’s a hugely versatile product that makes the perfect accompaniment to many different dishes. So, it’s no wonder there are so many recipes using chorizo just waiting for you to try.

This Spanish sausage can be used to add a not-so-traditional twist to the traditional paella. While many would argue this changes the dish beyond recognition, it’s great for those who enjoy getting creative in the kitchen.

Also, dry cured Spanish chorizo can liven up an omelette. You’ll find the two contrasting textures complement one another perfectly! Eggs are a great ingredient to bring out the spiciness of the sausage.

Alternatively, try using cured chorizo in a casserole or stew. This is hugely popular choice thanks to the meat’s texture and richness. It certainly livens up your average stew! So, it’s no wonder this Spanish chorizo recipe is so popular.

Or, keep things simple and eat it on its own! In fact, this way of eating it is hugely popular in Spain, as in many restaurants, this is how it is served. For some, great taste doesn’t need any fuss or frills. The meat sausage on its own is enough!

The world of food is always changing! So, we’re sure there are many more homemade Spanish chorizo recipes we have yet to discover.

How to Prepare Chorizo

Chorizo doesn’t need to be cooked! It can be eaten immediately, but we recommend taking it out of the fridge at least an hour before eating.

However, the best way to cook chorizo is to either fry or simmer it. For example, Spanish chorizo tastes delicious when cooked in cider!

What’s the Difference Between Mexican Chorizo and Spanish Chorizo?

It might seem strange that these two types of cured meat have their differences. On the surface, it may seem as though they’re the same!

But, there are some clear variations. For example, Mexican-style chorizo is ground meat, usually made out of pork fat. But, it can be made out of beef too! It is usually sold as fresh chorizo, but dried versions are common also.

Meanwhile, chorizo from Spain is a dried and cured pork sausage! Visually, the two products are incredibly different, which is why it’s difficult to see why the two are confused. The casing of this cured sausage can be eaten, which is why it makes the perfect tapa.

Feeling hungry for more? We specialise in authentic, expertly-prepared cuisine from Spain. So, with us, you can guarantee that when you buy chorizo, you’re getting the best product out there. Find more of our delicious Spanish cured meats here.