Looking to buy Spanish cheese?

Spain isn’t renowned for its cheese production, unlike France or Italy.

Therefore, not many people know that Spain is home to more than 150 different cheeses. 30 of them are classified as PDO – Protected Designation of Origin. Despite such a rich production, many Spanish cheeses are unheard of outside the country.

So, if you’re looking to buy Spanish cheese, be sure to browse our selection of the finest, high-quality products that Spain has to offer.


Buy Spanish Cheese

We pride ourselves on our taste for fine food, which is why we only stock the best Spanish cheese.

From creamy to tangy, there’s a Spanish cheese to sizzle all taste buds and suit a variety of recipes.

Spanish cheese isn’t made from the milk of the same animal every time! In fact, cows’, sheep and goat’s milk can all be used, producing a variety of textures and flavours.

Spanish cheese made using cows’ milk has many variations, from crumbly blue cheese to creamy Mahón.

Spanish goat’s cheese is one of the most popular products, perfect for salads and starters.

If you’re looking for authenticity, you’ll delight in our range of Spanish sheep cheeses.


Spanish Cow Cheese

Spanish cow’s cheese is undoubtedly one of the most popular products in Spain. There are many different types and varieties, meaning that everyone can find something to please their taste.

One of the most iconic cow’s milk cheeses is Mahón from Menorca. Spanish Mahón cheese is intense and creamy, leaving an aftertaste of nuts and butter. This Spanish cheese pairs particularly well with grapes.

These who like Spanish blue cheese should try the taste of Cabrales. Our Cabrales is made with unpasteurised milk and has been aged in natural limestone caves for three months.

A very peculiar Spanish cow’s cheese is San Simon da Costa. Smoked over birch wood chips, this strange looking cheese is one of our favourites.

Those looking to buy Spanish cheese online will find themselves delighted by the range of products we have on offer. Our selection of cows’ cheese is a little taste of Spain at home!


Spanish Goat Cheese

Spanish goat’s cheeses are very popular with those who have a taste for authentic, artisan products.

Whether you’re looking for a slightly spicy goat’s cheese with black pepper, or creamy Garrotxa-type goat’s cheese, we have a many varieties in stock.

Our Spanish cheese list features carefully chosen, artisan products that deliver the best flavours possible. If you’re looking for quality, you’re in the right place!


Spanish Sheep Cheese

Manchego, Zamorano, Idiazabal, Tortas from Extremadura, Roncal: the list of Spanish sheep’s cheeses could go on.

Looking to buy Manchego cheese? One of the most popular products, even dubbed ‘the king of Spanish cheese’ is Manchego. Made from the milk of Manchega sheep, Manchego cheese is famous for its intense flavour.

Part of Manchego cheese’s popularity is also because it’s a hard cheese that retains a creamy texture. When it comes to Spanish cheese, Manchego is one everyone should try. It hasn’t earnt its popularity for no reason!

Another infamous Spanish products is Idiazabal cheese. This cheese can either be smoked or unsmoked depending on your taste.


Spanish Cheese Recipes

Thanks to the wide variety of Spanish cheeses, food-lovers can make a variety of different dishes.

From the delicious Spanish omelette with cheese to exciting pintxos and montaditos, Spain’s cheese is an ingredient that can be incorporated into many recipes.

Or, if you prefer to enjoy the taste on its own, create a delicious cheese board, accompanied by grapes or nuts to bring out the flavours. 


We’re passionate about bringing an authentic taste of Spain to your dinner table. So, we don’t just offer Spanish cheese! You’ll find everything from artisan chorizo to olive oil in our online Spanish store. Browse our range of Spanish products here.