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Luis Gil - Organic Chorizo From Rioja

The Gil family have devoted to cattle breeding for four generations. Since 1920 they have produced and marketed fresh and cured meats. Great-grandmother Mary had her own butcher store that provided the only meats that were consumed at that time: lamb and pork. A couple of years later grandfather Luis Gil went on with the family tradition and started producing artisan cured meats that were sold to the local community through the butcher store owned by his family. The third generations founded the currently active company and named it Luis Gil in honour of their grandfather. The family business is now run by the fourth generation, whose ambitious project is the production of organic fresh and cured meats from their own farm animals roaming freely in 17 hectares of natural environment. The secret of the quality of their products is the careful and experienced fulfilment of the different phases of the production process, from the selection of the raw materials to the final packaging. For instance they only make use of P.D.O. Pimenton de la Vera to flavour their meats. This company is the clear evidence that it is possible to preserve the traditions, being competitive, innovative and respectful of the environment at the same time.


Organic Chorizo Riojano - Luis Gil

Organic Chorizo from La Rioja – Vacuum packed Piece - ~ 280g Artisan Chorizo made from Organic Pork Meat (ham, belly and shoulder). Its taste is balanced, intense and persistent with elegant smoky hints. It melts in your mouth in spite...
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Spicy Artisan Organic Chorizo Riojano - Luis Gil
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Organic Spicy Chorizo Riojano - Luis Gil

Organic Chorizo from La Rioja – Slightly Spicy - Piece vacuum packed, ~ 280g Artisan Spicy Chorizo made from lean meat of organic-pasture raised pigs. Its taste is balanced, intense and persistent. Its texture is firm and pleasant. It...
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