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Coto de Galan, Iberico Ham and Charcuterie from Extremadura - 

Grupo Galán was founded over 25 years ago and since then it has combined tradition and cutting edge technology for pig breeding and producing high quality Iberian hams and other cured meats. Their free-range Iberian pigs roam in the Dehesa of Extremadura surrounded by thousands of hectares of holm oak forests. In such an environment, the pure dry air of the mountain, an acorn-rich diet and a rigorous breed selection come together to make possible the production of these excellent hams, chorizos and other delicacies. Coto de Galan hams are exclusively produced from pigs with at least 75% Iberian breed. The Regulatory Board of the Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura guarantees the Origin and Quality of the products, through the corresponding labelling. Animals are fed on an extensive diet with acorns and grass during the Montanera period, when pigs are allowed to roam freely in the Dehesa.


Chorizo Iberico Bellota, 375g -...

Artisan Iberico Bellota Chorizo - Stuffed into Natural Casing – Vacuum Packed ~ 375g Piece Artisan Chorizo made from acorn-fed Iberico breed pigs. Produced from lean meat and seasoned with the best Spanish paprika and other spices. The...
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Salchichon Iberico Bellota, 375g - Coto de Galán
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Salchichon Iberico Bellota, 375g...

Artisan Iberico Bellota Salchichon Wrapped into Natural Tripe – Vacuum Packed ~ 375g Piece This real Artisan Salchichon is made from Iberian breed pigs fed on acorn or grass over the so-called “Montanera” period, that falls in autumn,...
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