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Iberico Bellota Ham Juan Pedro Domecq Hand Carved
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Iberico Bellota Ham 80g - Juan Pedro Domecq

100% Iberico bellota ham PATA NEGRA - 80g hand carved - Cured for 40-52 months in natural cellars Looking to buy jamon Iberico? You’re in the right place! Made from purebred Iberian pigs, this Iberico Ham by Juan Pedro Domecq has been...
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Ibérico Cebo Ham, 100g Hand Carved -...
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Ibérico Cebo Ham, 100g Hand Carved - Jamones Blázquez

Ibérico Cebo Ham 100g - Hand Carved – Cured over a period of 24 months Delicious ham made from 100% purebred Ibérico pigs fed on natural fodder. Ham cured for 24 months. Blázquez family are devoted to the production of Ibérico products...
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Paleta Ibérica Bellota - 100g Sliced - Blázquez
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Paleta Ibérica Bellota - 100g Sliced - Blázquez

Iberico Bellota Shoulder Ham 100g sliced - Jamones Blázquez Blázquez’s cured ham shoulders are produced from pigs reared in oak-woods located in Andalucia and Extremadura. In this stunning natural environment pigs are allowed to roam...
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Iberico Bellota Ham 100g DOP Guijuelo
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Iberico Bellota Ham PDO Guijuelo - 100g

75% Iberico Bellota Ham PDO Guijuelo - Lisardo Castro - 100g Hand Carved Lisando Castro's PDO Guijuelo Iberico Bellota Ham is made from free-range Iberian Pigs reared in the "Dehesa". Pigs are exclusively fed on acorns over "the...
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Premium Ham Jamón de Autor Oro Blanco
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Serrano Ham Oro Blanco Gran Reserva, 100g Hand Carved

Premium Serrano Ham Oro Blanco Hand Carved - 25 Month Curing Period - 100g Oro Blanco Ham Gran Reserva is regarded as one of the best Spanish Serrano Hams. Only the highest quality hams, meticulously selected by experienced ham masters,...
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Teruel Serrano Ham D.O. 8 Estaciones - Airesano
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Serrano Ham 8 Estaciones Hand Carved Teruel PDO - Airesano

Serrano Ham Teruel PDO - 80g Hand Carved - Airesano PDO Teruel Ham 8 Estaciones by Airesano is a real artisan Spanish Serrano Ham. Slowly cured in the unique natural environment of Teruel’s mountainous region, this ham has a delicate and...
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Custom Gift Box
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Bespoke Hampers - Gift Box

Gift Box* for Bespoke Hampers - Holds up to 8 products Creating your own Hamper and Assembling a unique Present has never been easier:Add this Gift Box to your Shopping Cart.Choose the products you want to include in your Gift Box...
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Bespoke Hampers - Square Natural Gift Box
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Bespoke Hampers - Square Gift Box

Square Gift Box* for Bespoke Hampers - Holds up to 6/7 products Assemble your own Hamper has never been easier. You can handpick from our broad range of Spanish artisan products. Follow these steps:Add this Gift Box to your Cart....
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Wicker Hamper
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Bespoke Hampers - Wicker Basket 16-Inch

Create your own Hamper: 16-inch Wicker Basket Suitable for 8 Products Wicker Basket ONLY SOLD in combination with our products. Creating your own Spanish Fine Food & Wine Hamper and assembling a unique present is really simple:Add...
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There’s no delicacy quite like Spanish ham. The subtleties of flavour, curing process and care for the animals are under some of the strictest controls in the food industry. This is because true Spanish ham is of unrivalled quality.

If you’re craving the most exquisite jamon in the UK, you’ve come to the right place.

The Different Types of Spanish Ham

There are two key types of Spanish jamon, Serrano ham and Iberico ham. The two variations are easily differentiated by the breed of pig they derive from.

Jamon Serrano

Jamón serrano comes from large white Duroc pigs which roam mountainous regions of Spain. The pigs are well reared and feed upon mainly grains. The meat delivers a firm and slightly fibrous texture with a delicate and slightly salty taste.

When you buy Serrano ham, pay close attention to the label. This will tell you exactly how long it’s been cured for:

  • Jamon de Bodega - 10/12 months
  • Jamon Reserva - 12/15 months
  • Jamon Gran Reserva - over 15 months

The length of curing time will alter the flavour, and will determine whether or not you’re buying high-quality meat. Traditionally, the longer the curing period, the more intense the taste of Spanish cured ham will be.

In our quest to bring the authentic taste of Spain to the UK, we offer a range of jamon Serrano to ensure that all taste buds are catered to.

Jamon Iberico

Not to be mistaken for jamon Serrano, Iberico ham is another hugely popular Spanish product. Iberian pigs are raised and reared differently, accounting for a difference in both texture and flavour.

In Spain, jamon is a staple element of the diet, both Iberico and Serrano. This means that those who eat these two types of Spanish ham regularly can easily notice the differences.

Iberico pigs are fed largely on a diet of acorns and allowed to roam freely. This free-range rearing is makes it popular among those who enjoy Spanish cuisine, and is said to account for its soft texture and rich aftertaste.

Unlike Serrano, Iberian ham has two types: cebo and bellota. These types are entirely dependent on the diet of the pigs. Bellota is the Spanish word for acorn, which accounts for the main food the pigs are fed. Ibérico de cebo means the pigs will have been fed on grains and doesn’t have the rich nutty taste that bellota is famous for.

However, as with jamon Serrano, if you’re looking for the best Spanish ham, the labels matter. The label will tell you the breed of pig, its diet and the rearing process.

Unsure of what these labels mean? Here’s a quick guide:

  • Black label - purebred pigs, fed on acorns
  • Red label - crossbred pigs, fed on acorns
  • Green label - crossbred pigs, fed on grains
  • White label - intensively reared crossbred pigs, fed on grains

Iberico ham can be made from black Iberian pigs or white pigs, or a crossbreed of the two. This differs from Serrano ham, which is made exclusively from white pigs.

Many people are unaware of these differences, however, it’s important to know the source of your product if you’re searching for the best quality when you buy Spanish ham.

Bringing the Taste of Spain to Your Dinner Table

Now that you understand the history of these infamous Spanish products, you might be tempted to get your hands on some.

Here’s a closer look at the range of Spanish ham for sale on our store:

Buy Serrano Ham Online

Finding good quality jamon Serrano in the UK can be tough. Luckily, we’ve hand-picked the best flavours that Spain has to offer, so you can find authentic taste in one place.

We’re confident that if you’re here to buy jamon, you won’t be disappointed by our range.

Our hand-carved Serrano jamón from the Teruel is slowly cured for 12-14 months in Teruel’s mountainous region. It has a salty but exquisite taste. This particular product is produced by Antonio Mata, under the guidelines of the Jamon de Teruel P.D.O. From breeding to rearing, the production of this ham is done in house.

Our premium Serrano ham is regarded as one of the best. Its delicious taste is due to its slow-curing over 25 months. Its taste isn’t overly salty, so it can be incorporated into many everyday dishes. Many choose to eat it alone! Produced by experienced ham masters and using high-quality ingredients only, it’s easy to see why this is one of our most popular products.

Slowly cured between 12 and 14 months, this Spanish Serrano ham known as PDO Teruel ham 8 Estaciones has been recognised for its delicate texture and mouth-watering flavour. Produced by Airesano, the methods used, from local sourcing to the curing stages, are heavily controlled to ensure the best quality.

Where to Buy Jamon Iberico

Whether you’ve got a personal favourite, or you simply enjoy the flavours of both types of ham, here’s a closer look at your choices if you want to buy jamon Iberico.

Looking for the finest ham in the world? We’re confident that you’re in the right place!

Our jamón ibérico de bellota is cured for 20 months to ensure its great flavour. It’s produced at Hacienda Zorita, which is both a winery and organic farm. So, you can guarantee they’re experts when it comes to Spanish cuisine and the production of ham. It’s recommended to pair this particular product with a glass of Rioja.

We also offer mouth-watering and juicy jamon ibérico cebo. The cebo variety is less fruity and nutty than the bellota, and is the perfect accompaniment to thinly sliced bread and olive oil. Made with time-honoured traditions and produced by Jamones Blázquez, ham experts for over 80 years, this product is hugely popular in Spain. Their Iberian hams are made with the latest methods while still retaining authenticity.

If you’re a fan of nutty flavours, we have a wider range of jamon iberico de bellota on offer. This 100% Iberico bellota ham PATA NEGRA is another one of our personal favourites. One of Juan Pedro Domecq’s most renowned products, the pigs are allowed to roam naturally and are reared using traditional methods. These producers have taken advantage of their own first-hand experience and extensive knowledge in the industry, curing the ham for 40-52 months. This ensures the flavour is rich and the texture melts in your mouth.

When it comes to jamon Iberico, many choose to buy ‘cebo de campo’ which is ham on the bone. However, here at Eatapas, we prefer to offer thinly sliced, ready to eat meat that is easily prepared and the star of any charcuterie board.

Looking for Something Different?

We’re passionate about all authentic Spanish foods, not just the well-known ones.

If Iberico and Serrano ham don’t tempt your tastebuds, or you simply want to try something a little different, we also offer duck ham. Whether you say ham or jamón, it’s the flavours that matter!

It’s refreshing to enjoy something new every now and again! This is one of our lesser well-known products in our range of Spanish ham for sale, but that doesn’t mean it packs any less flavour.

This dry-cured duck ham is seasoned with salt, sugar and black pepper, and packs a unique flavour. Imperia is the family business that produces this particular ham, widely considered one of the best Spanish producers of foie gras. So, it’s easy to see why this ham is popular for its smooth texture and delicate taste.

We’re proud of our range of Spanish food online. If you’re tempted to purchase some products and enjoy the authentic taste of Spain at home, you’re in luck. Here’s one of our favourite types of Spanish jamón, 100% Iberico bellota ham.